Farm Animal Update Part 1 - Joy

“Finding Joy” - Our Intro to Farm Animals

By Joe Cowan 
Director of Operations

Over the weekend, we brought home the first of many farm animals. She is a two-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog and her name is Joy. Joy enjoys long walks through the woods and sniffing the wildlife. Her job will mostly consist of drafting; pulling a cart or sled with George in it as well as firewood, maple sap, small stones, manure/compost, soil, and many other things. She will also be responsible for guarding our chickens and bee houses (from afar). Additionally, she has already proven herself to be a sweet and loveable companion for our family; our walks through the woods are noticeably more enjoyable now.

We didn’t have time and energy for a puppy, so a trained and very mellow dog with good social skills was a great idea. Although Joy is still acclimating to her new surroundings, she is thoroughly enjoying the meat scraps that we produce, as well as cold days in the Maine snow. We are new dog owners, but we are optimistic that Joy will be an easy intro to farm animals, and quite literally pull her weight for us as she gets used to her surroundings. She is good natured, and started bonding with us almost immediately.

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