Farm Animals Update 2

A House For Joy


By Joe Cowan

Director of Operations


This past week I have embarked on a building project for Joy. She absolutely loves the outdoors and is only happy to hang out inside after dark. So, a doghouse is a perfect compromise for her to be outside as much as possible while she watches over the garden and yard, regardless of the weather. I like the DIY approach to most things, so I decided to just dive into the project with little to no building experience, or even power tools to accomplish the job. I used reclaimed hardwood, panels, two by fours, and wood screws that I have been collecting since we moved into our house, in order to keep the cost down. That being said, there are a few things we had to purchase to make sure the frame will last at least a few years.


Using a basic A frame design, we cut the wood to size so that Joy could comfortably nap inside, but not too big that she couldn’t warm up the inside on especially cold days. A contractor friend of ours is giving me some reclaimed shingles from another project, and we will give the house a nice coat of outdoor paint to match the color scheme we are using for our house. Already, this project has been a great learning experience. I purchased a few new tools to help with this and future building projects, but the technique and knowledge that I am gaining is by far the most valuable part of this process.


We are planning on a few more building projects this spring and summer; a chicken coop, an arbor for our garden, and eventually, a timber frame shed/cottage. I am taking it slow at first, but with every project along the way, I will hopefully acquire the tools I need to tackle more significant projects. Stay tuned for the completion of this project and many more.

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