I Love My Dog-Food and Doggy Tookies (aka dog cookies)

By Terri Rozema


Animals have always captured my heart. From the first (and only) time I attempted to pet a wild squirrel, to just a moment ago when I fed my dogs Chunk and Spooky their breakfast; I have found my life to be more joy-filled when animals have been a part of it.

Currently, I have two dogs and four chickens, and although the chickens are great, they don’t compare to my canine buddies. The chickens are fed organic scratch and/or pellets, oyster shells, scraps, garden goodies and occasional treats like worms, fruits, nuts and seeds. The dogs, however, receive my personal culinary attention.

Ever since I have been making food and treats from scratch, their coats have been shinier, eyes are brighter, noses more moist, energy levels have increased and they genuinely appear happier. Not all of us are animal lovers, but all of us know animal lovers; this is why I’m sharing my I Love My Dog-Food and “Doggy Tookies (aka dog cookies)” recipes.

Feel free to improvise the main food recipe. You may add seasonal vegetables that are canine safe and/or substitute accordingly. But be careful, there are foods that are dangerous to dogs, and making sure what they consume is safe is, of course, an owner’s responsibility.

The main food recipe is for a big batch, so if you have a small dog, halving the recipe would do. This recipe freezes great, so when I make it, I usually keep about five days’ worth in the fridge and freeze the rest.


One of the best parts of my day is calling Spooks and Chunks into the kitchen with the word “Breakfast” and watching them wiggle with delight as I assemble their bowls, sipping my coffee while I observe them devour their delicious dishes. I hope you find great satisfaction, gratitude and loving affection while you do the same.

Want to put a smile on your face?  Prepare the treats and, when it’s time, loudly proclaim “Want a Tookie?” Your furry friends will come a runnin’ and eagerly display their skills in anticipation of your scratch, made-with-love, Tookie treats.



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