I Love My Dog-Food


By Terri Rozema

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  • Robin

    Do you know how long these would keep in the freezer?

  • Customer Support

    Hello Kelsey and Lucille,

    Thank you for your comments. Serving sizes are dependent on your dog’s weight. Our dogs are 65 and 80 pounds. I serve them at least two heaping cups every morning (not including the raw eggs, berries, and organ meat). Generally speaking, as I transitioned away from regular kibble (which they have offered throughout the day, in case they are still hungry) I kept an eye on how much they needed to eat with very little kibble on the side. I found 2 heaping cups plus the additions to be just right.

    Also, regarding beans, navy in particular. I researched a variety of websites, blogs and dog nutritionalist articles from which all of them recommended beans, in moderation and if prepared correctly for dog’s diets.

    Customer Support

  • Kelsey

    What are the suggested serving sizes?

  • Lucille

    I have read that legumes (beans) can give dogs an enlarged heart, many grain free dogs food use legumes and I have avoided those that contain legumes. Can you comment on why there are beans in this recipe and why you might feel they are safe for dogs!

  • Customer Support

    Hello Cheryl,

    Thank you for your comment. The majority of ingredients are best digested cooked. Foods such as quinoa, rice, beans, carrots, potatoes and the like are not digested well when they are raw. Fats such as suet and lard need some time to break down, and the slow simmer with the broth helps to do so.

    Some people prefer to offer their pets raw meats, which is an individual choice; however I prefer to slightly cook the proteins and then top the meal off with raw organ meats, raw eggs, raw chicken feet. and fresh fruit.

    I hope this helps.


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