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Cancer and the new biology of Water

My New Book on Cancer Unabashedly Addresses, ‘What Is Life?’

September 24, 2019

As of Monday, September 23, my new book, Cancer and the New Biology of Water, is available both through Amazon and on my website.  Perhaps the central thesis of the book is that water is the carrier of what could only be called the “life force” of living systems, and that one of our most dreaded diseases, cancer, is a direct consequence of a disturbance of this life force embedded in water.


As Dr. Gerald Pollack has so brilliantly explained in his book The Fourth Phase of Water, water and only water exists in a previously unrecognized “gel” state.  My premise is that all of the intracellular water, including the small amount of water that resides in the nuclei of our cells, is in this fourth or gel state.  Furthermore, when the gel forms properly, cellular function is optimal and healthy.  When outside influences cause the deterioration of these gels, disease arises.


In preparation for an interview this week with Gary Null, his staff sent me an article published just this Friday about research* done at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, which details the researchers’ conclusions that water (which they refer to as “hydrophobic forces”) actually determines the structure and function of our DNA.  In simple terms, this means that water controls the expression of our DNA, the very thing we are told causes cancer.  Here are excerpts from the article:


Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, disprove the prevailing theory of how DNA binds itself. It is not, as is generally believed, hydrogen bonds which bind together the two sides of the DNA structure. Instead, water is the key. The discovery opens doors for new understanding in research in medicine and life sciences. The researchers' findings are presented in the journal PNAS.


Later in the article, the author states that the water/hydrophobic environment of the DNA is the key to understanding DNA expression and cancer:


To understand cancer, we need to understand how DNA repairs. To understand that, we first need to understand DNA itself, says Bobo Feng. So far, we have not, because we believed that hydrogen bonds were what held it together. Now, we have shown that instead it is the hydrophobic forces which lie behind it. We have also shown that DNA behaves totally differently in a hydrophobic environment. This could help us to understand DNA, and how it repairs. Nobody has previously placed DNA in a hydrophobic environment like this and studied how it behaves, so it's not surprising that nobody has discovered this until now.


The significance of this paper is that it signals that researchers are beginning to awaken to the primary role of water in biological systems, health and disease. This revelation is exciting for me because the study of water and biology inexorably leads to the uncovering of heretofore overlooked life forces, which will expand and deepen our understanding of the fundamental question, “what is life?” In my new book, I attempt to answer that question directly.


Tom Cowan, MD



*DNA Is Held Together by Hydrophobic Forces

Chalmers University of Technology

Published 23 Sept. 2019 in the Journal PNAS

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