True Nourishment for the Skin

I have often mentioned that one of the fundamental missions of our family businesses is to help foster and promote entrepreneurs who create their own lines of healthy foods or healthcare products. One such entrepreneur is Meredith Sharp, owner and founder of Tallow LLC, who is the next guest on my podcast.

A glaring omission in the healthcare product field are skin care products that truly nourish — without chemical additives — the largest organ of our body. The difference here is to nourish our skin, rather than use pharmaceuticals or even "natural" ingredients to suppress skin symptoms. 

True nourishment recognizes that we take in some nutrients — for example, sunlight — primarily through our skin. In other cases, the skin can be a vehicle to facilitate the absorption of nutrients into our bodies. Meredith, partly to address her own chronic skin conditions, did a deep dive into skin nourishment. What she came up with is both a concept of how to nourish one's skin, as well as actual products that use pure, grass-fed, grass-finished tallow, herbal infusions, and other natural ingredients such as pure turpentine.

I'm delighted to present to our listeners her philosophy and practice of skin nourishment. Join me in listening to this interesting interview here. Learn more about our new Tallow Skincare Collection here.


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