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Two philosophical paths before all of us are individualism and collectivism. To over simplify what can be an otherwise complex subject, the philosophy of individualism is that, in reality, only individuals exist, and, therefore, only individuals can make decisions, take actions and direct the course of human life.  Collectivism prioritizes "the whole," the collective humanity, and it is only the collective that can steer humanity in the proper direction.

Although deciding which path is right for you might seem like an arcane and irrelevant activity, the path followed actually informs many decisions we make in our everyday lives. I, as well as the folks who work for Dr. Cowan's Garden, come much more from the individualism perspective. We share the perspective that "the company" does not make decisions; rather, the individuals who work with and for our company are responsible for any and all decisions. Whether we sink or swim is not because of "company policy" but because of the choices of real, live men and women who work with us. There is no passing of any bucks.

This philosophy inspires us to seek out products and foods that are made by individuals who have chosen to create something of value and want to offer it to the world. They could be small farmers and gardeners who grow our ashitaba or harvest the sea vegetables, or women who raise cows and process the milk into the best ghee in the world. Our olive oil and olive leaf tea is similarly grown, harvested and processed by a small group of individuals in one family who have chosen to investigate and produce the finest, healthiest olive oil in the world. We want to find and work with those individuals who have chosen to be the real entrepreneurs, who have decided that only the best foods are right for their businesses. We support these enterprising individuals as best we can. 

We also believe that the individuals who choose to support our work, who buy our products, read our blogs, make our recipes, listen to our podcasts and webinars are similarly making the free choice as to what is important in their lives. For me, this is the path toward the health of the collective as well.  No censorship of ideas or products, no bogus regulations of whether you can choose to purchase and consume a certain type of milk or cheese, no artificial rules that govern whether you can buy a certain olive oil from a family in Greece. Let's have individuals decide on what works for them; let's bring respect and trust into this process, and trust that people are able and willing to look into and determine what is best for them.

As we start another anniversary sale, we understand that each of you has made the decision to have Dr. Cowan's Garden be a part of your life. Each of us working for DCG take this trust and support very seriously, and we are full of gratitude for your support. 

All the best, 


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  • Robert Mitchell

    I like how you think Super healthy food healthy bodies will bring one and every one into higher states of consciousness. I found you on Coast 2 Coast AM and then found Doctor Cowan’s Garden, since I am beyond Organic you got me hooked. and with Love in my heart I try to share you with every one I can. Individuals with like mindsets make the collective. Health is wealth go with Ashitaba!

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