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You Help Us Support Small Organic Growers

You Help Us Support Small Organic Growers

April 13, 2020

From the beginning of Dr. Cowan's Garden four years ago, we wanted to establish close relationships with organic and Biodynamic farms. Additionally, we have had a vision of sustainable farming that could be realized only by thinking “local” and “small.”

To that end, as we shared in March, we helped Redrange Farm in Pennsylvania achieve Demeter certification. The Redrange farmers grow the variety of peppers we turn into our beloved Pepper Salt, and we’re excited to receive from them this year squash, carrots, perennial greens and maybe even spelt!

What is Demeter certification? According to the Demeter Association, “While all of the organic requirements for certification under the National Organic Program are required for Biodynamic certification, the Demeter standard is much more extensive, with stricter requirements around imported fertility, greater emphasis on on-farm solutions for disease, pest, and weed control, and in-depth specifications around water conservation and biodiversity.” In other words, it is “beyond organic” in every way.

As we grow, our commitment to such farms and farmers only deepens. We will help other partner farms obtain Demeter certification, if that’s a path they choose, as we now have a blueprint for how to navigate the complexities of the process. And we will support other small growers toward increasing their sustainability as well, both financial and agricultural.



Also, because of our wonderful production partners at Assured Edge Solutions and our shipping partners at CH Robinson, we are making real progress toward achieving our vision.

The importance of one partner in this whole business, however, cannot be understated, and that is you! Without you and your commitment to our products, which we see as an investment not only in your health but also in small farming and sustainability, we would get nowhere.

From all of us at Dr. Cowan’s Garden, as well as our numerous partners, we thank you!

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With gratitude,

Joe Cowan,
Operations Manager

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