You’re Helping Us Be a Healing Force in the World

In Anthroposophical theory, the stages of a person’s life are marked by turning points.  Our physical birth marks the entry into life.  Between the ages of 0-3 years old, we learn to sit, crawl, stand, walk, run, speak and imitate the world around us.  At age 3 or thereabouts, most children for the first time refer to themselves as “I” instead of “Georgie” or “Sally.”  In other words, it takes about three years of life before the young child differentiates him or herself from the world.  Around age 6 or 7, the baby teeth begin to loosen and fall out, and yet another new way of seeing the world begins to emerge.  These cycles of life continue throughout our life, each accompanied by slightly new capacities, insights and ways of understanding the world around us. 


This week, Dr. Cowan’s Garden turns three years old.  To a certain extent, businesses and institutions follow the same general guidelines as the lives of individuals.  At three years old, the hope is the new emerging company is able to stand on its own two feet and develop its own identity.


When we started DCG, we knew two things: First, we wanted to produce the best concentrated plant foods on the planet to help people easily diversify their vegetable consumption. Second, we wanted to use the revenue generated from sales to support small, beyond-organic or biodynamic growers, as well sustainably minded foragers.  In other words, the success of our company was going to be used to support those working directly to heal the earth.


At first, we grew the vegetables ourselves and turned them into powders.  As we got bigger, stood up and looked around from that perspective, we realized that our small garden and kitchen could not even come close to meeting the demand for our products.  Using what we learned in our first two years, we started to develop relationships with growers who could supply what we needed and continued to make the same or even better quality products.


Now, as we stand on our own two feet, we see a genuine chance to make a difference in our world.  We can use the amazing support we have received from our wonderful customers these three years to help provide stable livelihoods to farmers who grow food the right way, farmers who leave the soil in a better state than when they found it, farmers who give us the raw materials to make the most amazing, flavorful and nutritious vegetable and spice powders on the planet.   As with any three year old, there is a lot of growth and change ahead.  With your support, we can continue to be a healing force for our world, which itself is so badly in need of care.


Tom Cowan, M.D.,

For everyone at DCG

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