Cacao Bliss Balls

By Esther Boateng

Want a quick snack that will satisfy even the strongest chocolate craving? Take some nut butter plus a few nuts and seeds, and blend it with cacao, and coconut oil. Tickle your taste buds even more when you add raw coconut butter and honey fortified with bee propolis, and you’ll be buzzing with enough energy to see you through to your next meal.

The amount of sweetener you use depends on your choice of ingredients. Bear in mind that the almond or pecan nut butter, raw coconut butter, beet powder, and carrot powder will add a touch of sweetness to this recipe, and you may need to adjust the honey or maple syrup accordingly.

If you’re a chocolate fiend like me, feel free to add an extra scoop of cacao for an added boost of minerals. I also like to add extra sweetener in the form of bee pollen to balance out the bitterness of the cacao. Provided your mixture is moist enough to shape into balls, you can experiment with different ingredients. I think almond extract instead of vanilla extract can also work well in this recipe and would complement the almond butter nicely.


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