Chili Fig Jam

By Esther Boateng

Make the most of the fresh fig season with this deliciously spicy version of a traditional fig jam. Fresh figs are preferred, as they break down easily during cooking. If you have your heart set on making this jam, but you can’t find fresh figs, dried figs work equally well. Yes, it adds to your preparation time, but it’s worth the effort. 

I prefer to use molasses, maple syrup, or honey, to sweeten the jam, anything up to 1 cup should provide enough sweetness. I recommend about half a cup if you prefer less sweet jam.

Another ingredient you might like to include is fresh lemon thyme; this adds a deliciously earthy flavor to your spread. If this is tricky to get hold of, regular English thyme is a good substitute, or you can skip it entirely, and keep things simple. But you don’t want to skip the fresh lemon juice; this helps to balance out the sweetness, and the heat from the Spicy Blend. Add an extra pinch or two of Threefold Spicy or the Summer Savory powder, if you want to give your jam an extra kick. 


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