Fire Cider Tonic Salt

By Paulette Salisbury

I love using your Pepper Salt to make my Fire Cider Tonic Salt in the jar. I get inspiration from lots of sources on healthy living, nourishing foods & herbs, dehydrating herbs and fresh garden produce (or from the local Farmers' Markets) and of course my favorite free-thinkers like Dr. Tom Cowan and the Baileys.

I always use organic ingredients and locally grown when I can find them. Fire Cider is often made in the fall for winter uses, but many families use it all year long for general health and well-being. I make a batch when I have the fresh horseradish root available and then just let the tonic sit in a dark place until I am ready to strain it and use it or share it with friends. Sometimes it is steeping for months. There are tons of recipes and an excellent resource is Rosemary Gladstar's book, "Fire Cider".

Every batch will be different depending on the ingredients in the original Fire Cider Tonic.


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