Perfect Pesto

By Esther Boateng 

Make any dish fit for royalty with this humble but healthy pesto. The name ‘Basil’ originates from the Greek word ‘basileus’, which means king, or ‘basilikon, which means ‘royal’. Traditionally, this recipe is made with wonderfully aromatic basil leaves, but if you’re not keen on the strong taste of basil, substitute spinach for half the basil.

I love the smell of toasted pine nuts. Add them to a moderately heated pan, and toast for roughly 2 minutes until golden brown; that’s all you need, and of course, a steady hand to constantly toss them around in the pan to ensure they brown evenly. 

Pesto is super quick and easy to rustle up. I prefer to make a fresh batch whenever I want a quick supper. Parmesan is a popular choice when preparing this recipe, but I prefer the taste of Pecorino Romano or Gruyère, pretty much any hard cheese can do the job.

Serve this easy pesto over a bed of rice and the protein of your choice, such as sauteed shrimp or sliced grilled chicken, and you’re done.  


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