Why Miron Jars?

Our aim is to offer the freshest, most nutritionally vibrant vegetable powders possible. To do that, we need to store our powders in a way that protects their potency, taste and storage life, without adding chemicals and preservatives. The absolute best storage strategy we found was Miron jars. How do they work?

Plants need sunlight to grow. However, if they continue to be exposed to the sun after reaching maturity, they begin to decay. Powdered vegetables likely would decay even faster. Miron violet glass works like a natural filter that blocks the aging wavelengths of light and lets in only the wavelengths that actually enhance potency (UV-A and infrared).

Miron Jar Test We became convinced of these jars’ effectiveness when we did our own test with a cherry tomato. We picked two tomatoes from the same branch of one our cherry tomato plants. After a few minutes, we put one of the tomatoes in a clear-glass jar and the other in a small Miron violet-glass jar. After about three and a half months, here were the results (see photo at left). After a total of five months, the tomato in the Miron jar just began to show signs of aging. Based on this test, we recommend using your powders within five months, though three months is even better.

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