Better Baba Ghanoush

By Esther Boateng

Spicy, garlicky, and lemony is how I like to describe this Egyptian dip. Made with eggplants, also known as aubergines, this dip is a fabulous alternative to hummus if you want to whip up a creamy, tangy side dish with marginally less effort than it takes to make homemade hummus. Eggplants are prone to shrinkage when cooked, and you’ll need at least three decent-sized ones if you want to make a portion that serves at least 2 people.

You have the option to grill, roast, or barbeque your eggplant. I threw mine on the barbeque hoping it would be infused with a strong smoky flavor. I can’t say I noticed much difference between flame grilled and oven roasted, and it might not be worth the extra hassle, but hey, summer has finally arrived, and if you want to fire up your barbeque, go for it. Just be mindful to remove chargrilled debris from your dip before you strain it, an important step not to be skipped.

And lastly, there’s no need to use a food processor to blend the ingredients. A fork does the job just as well, if not better; however, the choice is yours.


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