Mushrooms: Fabulous Funghi Toast

By Esther Boateng

If you think comfort foods are stodgy, fatty, and unhealthy, think again. This mouthwatering recipe is so tasty you will probably want seconds, which is perfectly okay, because it only takes minutes to prepare.

Mushrooms on toast can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like. The quality of the ingredients will dictate whether you serve it as a light appetizer at a dinner party, or enjoy it as a snack. I added a light cream dressing made from crème fraiche mixed with a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt, a sprinkling of horseradish powder, and a handful of chopped dill. The additional dollop of fish roe on top of the mushrooms transformed it into a substantial snack. This is a great recipe to fall back on when you are short on time, and need to focus your efforts on tasks other than time-consuming meal prep. 

If you want to be extra, why not go all out on the mushroom front and try something exotic like chanterelle or lion’s mane mushrooms? Chanterelles are prized for their rich flavor, distinct attractiveness, and heavenly taste. Mushrooms are quick and easy to cook, and taste delicious with little to no seasoning. I like to use a simple technique called dry sautéing. This is a great way to cook mushrooms with high moisture content. The water from the mushrooms gets released into the pan as they cook; essentially it cooks in its own juices. When the mushrooms are cooked, you can add butter or oil, lightly dust them with seasoning of your choice, and they are good to go.


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