Sunchoke Supper

By Esther Boateng

Are you ready for a root veggie medley? Sunchokes, purple potatoes, broccoli garnished with toasted pine nuts, a little seasoning, and perhaps a protein of your choice is all you need to rustle up this recipe.

Chop your vegetables in advance and store them in the fridge to use as and when needed, or buy the pre-packed version. Either way, this is an easy recipe you’ll be sure to re-visit whenever you need a quick fix; it’s beyond simple, and simply delicious.

Fancy a protein, such as shrimp, with your vegetables? No problem. Either prepare it in advance or make it while your root vegetables bake in the oven. Baked chicken or sausage is also a great choice, you can bake these while you roast the sunchokes and purple potatoes. If you don’t fancy broccoli, swap it out with another tasty option, such as sautéed garlic mushrooms, pretty much any vegetable will work with this recipe.


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