Bangers and Mash


By Esther Boateng

For a unique twist on this all-time British favorite, bangers and mash, why not try using cauliflower instead of potatoes? To add extra nutrition, throw in an egg yolk for a lusciously creamy consistency, plenty of herbs, plus a touch of ghee for a truly creamy finish. 
Cauliflower is slightly quicker to prepare than regular potatoes, there’s no need to meticulously peel it, and it tastes surprisingly like regular mash. A selection of herbs and powders like parsnip and threefold savory powder take this mash to another level.

Serves 2



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    Hello Gerri,

    Thanks for the comment. We recommend our Pasture Specialty box; you can find this on our website. Otherwise, visit a local farm that pasture raises their livestock. Grass fed and grass finished beef and lamb, pastured chickens and wild foraging pigs are ideal. Make sure the farms do not use pesticides such as glyphosate and also ask about the way the farmers handle such details as hormones, injections and the like.

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  • gerri

    what sausage do you recommend?

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