Tostini - Tinkering with Taro Root


By Esther Boateng


Tuck into a taro root tostini when you fancy a comforting treat anytime of the day. With three main ingredients: taro root, yucca, and olive oil, plus your favorite meat or vegetable topping, you can have a satisfying snack or light meal in next to no time. Prepare your mixture in advance if you like, and pop it into the fridge until you’re ready to use it. The baking time will vary depending on the size of your tostini, but should be approximately 20 minutes.


The best way to peel yucca is to use a razor-sharp knife, and a sturdy hand. After you’ve peeled the yucca, everything else is smooth sailing. Taro root looks tricky to peel, with its gnarly brown skin, but it’s quite easy if you use a potato peeler. It’s also simple and versatile to cook, much like potatoes: steam, mash, or roast them, it’s your choice, just get them onto your plate, and you’ll never look back.


Makes approx. 4-5



  • Customer Support

    Hello Susie,

    Pavilions and Albertsons in California have them but any well stocked health food store like Wholefoods is a good place to look, especially Japanese and Chinese grocery stores.

    Customer Support

  • Susie Hagemeister

    Best place to buy taro root and yucca?

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