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Po Cha (Tibetan Butter Tea)

Ingredients: 1 Tbsp Dr. Cowan's Garden Dried Cholla Buds, ground coarsely in a coffee burr grinder 1 Tbsp unsalted butter, preferably grass-fed 1 pinch of sea salt Directions: In a teapot, add the ground cholla buds to the mesh bowl. Boil enough water for the pot and add to the teapot as soon as it is boiling. Allow to steep for at least 8 minutes. Use a cozy to keep warm. Add butter and pinch of salt to a teacup and pour the tea over butter and stir. Serve immediately.

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Dr. Cowan’s Super-Charged Smoothie

Ingredients: About 2 cups almond (or coconut) milk 1 Tbsp coconut 2 Tbsp coconut powder (Raw Revelations brand) 1 bag frozen berries 1 tsp beet juice powder (RR) 1 Tbsp sunflower lecithin (RR) 1 tsp Dr. Cowan’s Garden Ashitaba (or Perennial Greens) Powder 1/2 tsp cacao powder 1 T. Immunity Matrix (RR) 1 tsp Baobob powder (RR)  Directions: Put everything in a blender and blend till smooth.  

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